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This is where I post products I personally use and highly recommend





Whey Isolate

10 pounds of solid Whey Protein from ON is only $124.99 with Amazon Prime.  No Sucralose, 24g of Whey per scoop - 149 servings

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Creatine Monohydrate

200 servings of Creatine.  5 grams per scoop.  Take one scoop after your after workout shake and get around 5-10% stronger.

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Arazo Nutrition Fish Oil

My favorite high-quality Fish Oil for a great price.  I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night.  Great for strength, lipids and cognitive function.

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Measuring Weight



FitIndex Scale

Measures weight accurately and syncs to phone to record.  Ignore the bioelectrical impedance body fat reading.  These are inaccurate compared to calipers.

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Accu-Measure Fat Caliper

Simple and effective to within 1% bodyfat.  This thing is the easiest and cheapest way to measure body fat.

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MyoTape Body Measure Tape

This is a good measuring tape for your waist and other parts like bicep, shoulders, chest, quads.  Measure and grow.

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KOIOS Food Scale

Simple and accurate scale for weighing food in meal prep.

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5 Pack of 3 Compartment Meal Prep Glass

Solid 3 compartment meal prep containers.  Glass and strong top seal.  No worries about BPA or other BS from plastic.  

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Aroma Rice Cooker

An affordable and effective rice cooker.  I prefer Jasmine rice and it tastes really good and is easily digested.

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Lifting Gear



Weight Belt

I like using a belt when I go much over 70% of my max lift on deadlift and squat.  The belt can help protect your lower back and allow you to lift heavier things with proper technique.

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Knee Sleeves

These are also helpful for your knees when squatting and doing weighted lunges.  Just like the belt, when I'm going heavy ~70% of my max squat, I like to throw these on for safety and injury prevention.

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Chalk Balls

These are cool little balls filled with chalk.  Using chalk you can pull much heavier things and not have them slip out of your grip.

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Nike Mesh Bag

Sweaty stuff can stink.  With a mesh bag, your gear can get some air.  I bought the pink one.  It sticks out so folks don't accidentally grab it thinking it is theirs.

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